It's amazing...the way this man makes me feel...without even the slightest touch...he sends me to Beautiful.

Naturally Perfect

Naturally Perfect
for Dustin

softness of a child's wrist
wrapped up in lovely and coated with bliss
a kiss of passion drifts
from lips to face
commandeering my essence with an
eternal embrace
lacing me swiftly with necessity
teasing my memory
your sweet-scented identity
further yet you envelop and undevelop
all of my regret as you
smoothen out the thoughts that I
dream out, onto the paper
for I, never safer, have felt such ease
to describe how he
communicates without a word
in initiating the turning
point of when he emerged
into my world and brought
upon me a cure for my sorrow
a promise made yesterday to stay 'til tomorrow
"Now" says He "rest, for I will be your Happy until forever runs out of eternity;
I love you, my Lady."

Poetry by katiiieanne
Read 923 times
Written on 2007-05-17 at 20:07

Tags Perfection  Love  Purity 

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"Now" says He "rest, for I will be your Happy until forever runs out of eternity"

That is so sweet!!!!!!! "I'll be your Happy"... I really liked that phraze.
Very well written, made me smile over here though I had set my mind on being miserable this evening. :)
Thanks for sharing