German Volume Training


German's do things much harder
than any other nationality or race
if you are Russian
I guess you could
argue that case

G.V.T. German
Volume Training
another method
that'll test your resolve
countless sets with
heavy weights I should
warn you this method is

It starts with 10 sets of
a compound/targeted muscle
exercise to start
then a stretch isolated exercise
to blast that targeted
muscle real hard

Then a contracted isolated exercise
to finish off the particular muscle
you're working on
Tip: lighten the weight if you're
having trouble keeping correct

G.V.T. probably the hardest
weightraining method
you'll ever do
but you're guaranteed
to build endurance, stamina
& quality muscle before
you're through

Train Hard, Train Heavy or Go Home

Poetry by Will
Read 429 times
Written on 2007-05-18 at 20:36

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Amanda K
it was interesting to learn that about German.

many thanks,

Kathy Lockhart
i really enjoy these poems about training. They are so unique and always very interesting. Well done Will. : )