An early morning walk in the beautiful Parc Naturale with my Labrador Meg.

Normandie Forest

Normandie Forest

Upwards the majestic pine tree reaches, upwards to the sky,
Tall and straight through the canopy how many metres high?
The ancient oaks for centuries have within these forests grown,
Standing proud with spreading boughs from a solitary acorn sewn,
There's ash and birch and also beech all growing in profusion
While heathers, fern and lichen all compete, in harmonious collusion

Walking in the forest on our special days
Early in the mornings best, catching all the rays
A myriad of colours shining through the leaves,
Lighting up all shades of green a tapestry it weaves
With Meg my faithful Labrador I walk a logging trail
She sniffs each scent along the way a wagging of her tail

The forest in the autumn time is a beauty to behold,
The leaves will turn their back on green, in preference to gold
They may prefer the yellow or red or perhaps some other hue
Eventually they all float down, their being is quite through
The seasons change so rapidly and soon it will be spring
The trees will all be decked in leaves the birds will again sing

We walk the forest just us two, uttering not a sound
Listening to the tuneful air of birdsongs all around
The secret places no one knows, a nook a path a track
Meg will find them all someday she has that special knack
If she wanders off a bit too far, she'll stop and turn askance
As if to say these are now my woods
in Normadie, in France

Poetry by Albert
Read 731 times
Written on 2005-11-21 at 00:39

Tags Leisure  Happiness  Beauty 

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As someone born and bred in the forest of dean i to can appreciate this poem, the colours and smells you have captured beautifully :-)

Zoya Zaidi
Wow, Albert!
What tribute to mother Nature!
I feel like visiting these forests in Normadie,
In thought you have taken me there already!
Your beautiful poem is a forest in bloom in it self!
A true lover of Nature are you!
I am your sister!

rhythm and rhyme are flawless, and it's a gorgeous scene you describe. well done :)