Emotions Is The Ruler....

Emotion is the ruler of all men's souls.
Hate is the killer emotion controls.
Love is the healer of the pain we scream.
A theif is a stealer of another man's dream.
Warmth is the laughter of children playing.
Belief is the sound of the devout praying.
Greed is the gambler betting his last dime.
Desperate is the dying begging for more time.
Stealth is the hunter moving in for the kill.
Health for the junky is popping pill after pill.
Control are the lines we draw on the land.
Then we wonder why man kills man?
We breath the smoke of factory fires.
And poison the earth for selfish desires.
Preach to the young, never lose!... ONLY WIN!
Then judge someone by the color of their skin.
The lives we lead are so complex.
So we seek salvation from ancient text.
Then kill each other based on belief.
Conclude they were evil to feel self relief.
Turn in at night when the day comes to an end.
Get up the next morning and do it again.

Poetry by TeeTee
Read 670 times
Written on 2007-05-26 at 01:13

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Zoya Zaidi
My dear Tee Tee, this is such a profound piece of text, so well put and so true!
((Hugs to you)))
Since this is the first Time, I am reading you (sorry for coming in late), I welcome you with open arms to the bay!
Love, Zoya