Kinda the whole "keep your friends close, enemies closer" deal.

Love of My Demise

Keep what is most awkward closest to your mind crevices
Enemies, opposite personalities, teach you more than friends with similarities

In the end it's the uncomfortable times when you are
"Not like you" that you attain the most into your self
So make a toast to those you despise
Take all the hatred, hard times and lies
Analyze your epic demise
When all is said and done, you must ask yourself

Not everyone is perfect.
No one is the perfect friend
For a friend relates and greatly
Understands time and time again

But somewhere down the line
They'll disappoint you,
Make you cry
And the only way to secure your fate
Is to simply fall in love with someone you hate

Poetry by katiiieanne
Read 958 times
Written on 2007-05-26 at 20:01

Tags Deep  Enemies  Perfection 

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Rob Graber
I very much like the movement from the opening idea that one can learn more from enemies than from friends, to the amusingly paradoxical conclusion! A good poem tends to have a good idea behind it!