I have Pity for the man who returns to She who cheats...repetitively.

Repetition's Gonna Scar You

Repetition's gonna scar you...
As She digs
You bleed...she smiles unto your pain
Somehow Pity let you breathe
Indeed you scab and quickly
The memories flake...Fake seduces sweet
She plays and teases
Her kisses are supposed to be pleasing
However She kissed Another prior!
The scent of betrayal tears your eyes
Look passed Her as she admires your demise,
Pity is there...waiting in the corner,
Longing to free your mind

Poetry by katiiieanne
Read 1055 times
Written on 2007-05-26 at 20:30

Tags Cheating  Betrayal 

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Rob Graber
Another peom with a strong idea supporting it. While some of your earlier poems now and then "spell things out" maybe a little too much, here you seeme to me to achieve just the right amout of condensation. An example is the superb phrase, "Fake seduces sweet." How incomparably better this is than, say, "You are sweet, and ought not be seduced by a faker"!