Killing Time

Seclusion has its way of exposing everything
Solitude offers no excuses I know
Lonliness/ making a drunk man sober
regretting the same things 10 times over
Regardless of pity,the world has gone deaf
and killing the time is all you have left
No goals and no deadlines/ No winning or losing
Only daydreams and nightmares but surely no choosing
The idea of freedom takes on a new meaning
Time becomes something thats felt and not seen
Like a bird with no wings or a song that wont sing
These are the things that slowly kill me.......while killing time!

Poetry by brian paglia
Read 710 times
Written on 2007-05-27 at 05:14

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This is wow!!!

Left me speechless I have to bookmark this !!

Zoya Zaidi
Yeah, killing time can be a painfull and useless excercise... I hate doing anything to kill Time... That is, if I have time to kill...
Welcome to the Bay from my side!
Love, Zoya