The Metal Man

He said
I'm having problems just operating right
My gears run sqeaky and the air runs tight
The skies and eyes, the lies
The bending of your thighs
Has me pushed down, might

Hey, he said
You want to see the place where I last bled?
It's behind all the metal and behind all the art
Look behind the being smart and pry my blackened lounges apart
I think you'll find a worn out piece of muscle there, and I believe it is my heart

He said
Hold it, sqeaze it, please just believe it
Or grind me to dust between your fairy teeth
And let the unforgetting rust hit

Poetry by lou bergs
Read 527 times
Written on 2005-06-26 at 12:49

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you have a nice style, you know... this poem here i thought was original... i perceive this as somewhat of a plea to have the love of someone... perhaps someone you once were involved with... the robot state i take it as a metaphor for the challenge life becomes without this person around... the robot makes me think of emptiness, hollowness, loss, hopelessness... very interesting images you put in my mind with your words here... sincerely nice work... thanks for sharing :)


chasingtheday The PoetBay support member heart!
made me think of asimov who did all the robot series stories - robots with feelings etc.