A moment's remembrance gifted by the Night.....


The little girl with ponytails ;
A cute diminutive perky nothing
Giggling and jumping around .
Her long strides yet so short :
She was then never in my thoughts till
A gaiety in unfurl beside me
While a cascade of devolved poise .
The evergreens I was painting all along ;
Blend of shadows interposing abstractions

Something caressing my thighs gently
What was it , a palm so soft !
And what I did, I remember this night
How I did smile into that palm !

Now this night of restless oblivion
The dreams shearing through and again;
But one only to the dawn, shall I gift
And which one it be, yet to deem .

Here I am holding her close to my heart ,
The blissful eyes searching mine
And a smile like the bloom of lilies.
That soft palm this time caressing my face:
Now I can right smile into that eyes

But I can't let this moment go by
How can I give it away to the morn ?
I want to possess it all in full
And this night has got to be endless !

Poetry by binesh
Read 959 times
Written on 2007-06-01 at 15:49

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Quite a poignant poem. Sweet memories of a childhood long gone?

John Ashleigh
If you listen closely, you can hear the voices of such memory. What a fantastic write.

Zoya Zaidi
Yea, Just preserve the moment in your memory dear Binesh, and it will stretch autoumatically to eternity...
Love, Zoya