this is just some thoughts about this and that when I am thinking about us and our love and us as a family (Will; )you will always be my heart and in my heart may we become one in love /heart/soul and mind one day!!

Wondering Thoughts Of You...

My soul spills into bloody tears of joy,
just looking upon you,
your eyes so deep,
our love so true,

Iwish I could hold your heart till the end of death and beyond,
in the dark eternity mist,
but forever is a long time,
even then my love you shall have my will in your fist,

you say you will never leave,
yet I still worry,
that time will betray us,
and this love will turn to furry,

but I love every side of you,
even the madness,
so I will try to keep it away,
and drive away the sadness,

eternity is a long time away,
so I will hold you now,
and if forever comes,
you will be there to show me how,

we can overcome the "good"
together as one,
always apart of the wickedness,
until finality is done,

so as destiny unfurls,
and this passion burns,
you will be in me,
as the dimension turns,

it cannot be broken,
not even by the one(s) above,
it will never end,
our wicked burning love.

Poetry by TeeTee
Read 733 times
Written on 2007-06-08 at 04:28

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