this is just a few thoughts when I realized I could have lost it all over my medical issue and how my son and Will help me see it through with their love and consern and support now I am on my way to recovery and to maybe even be able to hit the gym again

"my new attitude"

today is the day when I started to pray
and I ask god to help me be ok,
my life for so long has been very strange
so today I decided I needed a change,
the Dr. I saw told me that I could have died,
that is when I knew I was living a lie,
I was so determined that this was fate
I was going to get healthy and loose this weight,
my life is very important to me
thats when I looked at myself and began to see,
the Dr. was right when he said I could of died.
he said my friend this is no lie,
I have kids and a husband to think about
thats when I realized there wasn't a doubt
this is what life is all about,
I need to be around for my family and love
and cherish them like I should
at this point in my life I knew I could,
my friends tell me all the time
Tee Tee you are someone special and so kind,
so next time when I start feeling sad
I will take a good look at myself and see what I do have,
I sometimes wonder what would I do
to myself when im feeling sad and blue,
kids,family and friends are all I have
so my life without these people would be so bad,
so next time when something doesn't feel quite right
I will look around and thank god for making
everything in my life so beautiful and bright.....
signed "new begining" Can't you see ????

Poetry by TeeTee
Read 724 times
Written on 2007-06-08 at 04:48

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Amanda K
when we feel desperate , we feel the blessings that God showered our lives with as; family, home and friends.Excellent theme.