wondering thoughts if this is going to really happen to us (saying goodbye????)or will we pull through this will you become totally honest and stop half stepen the real truths?

Forgive You, Forget Me ....

Somewhere between our passion and conversation
We lost the connection from our past.
You responded to me less, I doubted you more,
The signs were there it couldn''t last.

Desire''s urging couldn''t sustain us,
What I tried to convey wasn''t getting through.
But the hardest to deal with was my aching heart,
Knowing in the end my love wasn''t enough for you.

After two years of trying to hold it together
Our destinies worked twice as hard to tear us apart.
With my actions I seemed to quietly admit defeat,
Yet the screaming to salvage us came from my heart.

Others were stealing from me your time,
Your so-called friends robbing me of what should be mine.
When I lie in bed staring into empty space,
There are images that cloud my mind that aren''t easily erased.

You accused me of being selfish,
Only concerned about what mattered to me.
Yet, you seemed to live only to satisfy yourself.
Why is it that fact you seemed not to see?

Some question marks in my head were warranted,
Others came from the secrets and the lies.
As time went on, I wished for your absence;
It was the days you appeared, disappointing me, that I dispised.

Now the embraces we share are cordial,
The emotions once arousing are now dull and dry.
Your complacency has affected my attitude.
So when the rest of my feelings for you die?

You''re definitely not the one you seemed to be at first,
Those days when you were giving our love a try.
You''ve succeeded in pushing me away this time,
Making it easier to say goodbye.

Poetry by TeeTee
Read 710 times
Written on 2007-06-11 at 13:11

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Very strong write saying a lot.