if we do not nourish roses they will die and inside I feel that is me for you do all for everyone but me why???am I not the one you should love and nourish?

A Dying Rose....

In the saddest way possible...
I admit to loving you

It is fated to die
Nothing lives without nourishment

Without rain a flower folds
...the petals drop

A Rose fades when fate looms
Without anything good

There is no will to live
Gone is life's small details

Love is dying now
As the petals of a faded Rose

Curl towards the heaven
Life's nourishment is gone

It's will to bloom depleted.


Poetry by TeeTee
Read 709 times
Written on 2007-06-11 at 13:19

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Let's see what the fans have to say about this one??

I love this write..

Sometimes you have to see how much a rose will grow or if it will grow without constant nuturing...