just a vampire expression of how Will took my soul and life

A Dream Of A Vampire....

The dark engulfs my silent world,
And night becomes my home,
I stare into the black I love,
And endlessly I roam.
With each new turn I drift away...
I'm lost and can't return.
Yet oddly, I don't really mind.
There's much for me to learn.
But somehow there is something wrong,
It's not enough for me.
I'm not allowed to have my peace
Until I wake to see
The one thing that will make my life
Much better than before.
Although I don't know what it is,
I want it even more.
I search the darkness aimlessly
And know not what I seek.
My effort seems to be in vain,
But then appears Will.
Through the mist as if a dream
he forms within my sight.
With glowing eyes and arms outstretched,
he pushes back the night.
No words escape his blood red lips,
And yet he calls to me.
he traps me with seductive stare -
I feel no need to flee.
My flesh and soul belong to him.
I can't deny him now.
I find myself in front of him
Bent deeply in a bow.
With one hand underneath my chin,
he lifts my face to his.
Like a hungry but contented cat,
he sighs, and then he purrs.
Slowly his red lips start to part,
Revealing fangs of death.
With no protest at all from me
he sucks out my last breath.
For I Am His

Poetry by TeeTee
Read 810 times
Written on 2007-06-11 at 13:46

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Michael Dyst
"Bent deeply in a bow." sounds strange, but maybe that's just my lack of knowledge of the english language...

other than that this is like a calm acceptance of "darkness" (whatever that means) and it reminds me of a line from the videogame Shadowman: "the horror, the horror, I embrace it.."
and I hardly noticed the rhyming, which probably means that it came naturally and didn't disturb my overall experience of this really great text...

Then it is a TALE OF TWO VAMPIRES because you bit also..

Love the metaphoric write.

Phenomenal Piece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FAV for sure..