what do you know another training method...... LOL

POF (Positions Of Flexion)

Positions of Flexion
my favorite Ironman
Critical Mass DVD
you may learn a
little something if
you're willing to read
and follow me

POF is the position
the muscle is being
worked it's hardest
it's also where you
want to place your
emphasis or target

Three POF's are what
you really want to understand
Midrange, Stretch and Contracted
keys to Maximum muscle growth
according to Ironman

Midrange the first because it's where
you produce the most power
because essentially these are compound
exercises come on stay with me this
is real easy to follow

Midrange consist of exercises with synergy
Main muscles worked/ help by surrounding one's
Example Bench press main muscle Chest
but triceps and shoulders help when this
exercise is done

The second is Stretch, working the
muscle at the fully extended point
snap the weight back to get those
fast twitch muscles working but
not too heavy as you don't want
to damage the joint

The third and final position is Contracted
holding the muscle tight for 2 to three seconds
at it's contracted position
by this time the muscle or muscles you're
working should be beat into submission.

Let me give you an example of
a POF workout see if it's something
you can accept
the muscle I choose to use for this
is biceps

The Biceps midrange exercise is your
standard bicep barbell curl
This is familiar to anyone who exercise
all around the world

It's an up and down piston like movement
keeping the upper arms still
yet remember there's work on the
shoulders and the lower back

Then there's spider curls to cover the
stretch position of the training program
remember to quickly snap the weight back in
a controlled manner at the point of stretch

Concentration curls round out the
biceps workout, this position is contracted
at this point your biceps should be pumped
as hell and you'll need some type of replenishing
drink for everything this workout has extracted

Remember stay on point, stay focused,
get proper sleep, eat right, train smart
& you can have that body of stone
Until next training program
OR GO HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Poetry by Will
Read 517 times
Written on 2007-06-25 at 20:55

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Kathy Lockhart
Body building poetry is all yours Will. It is so interesting to read about the terms and routines. It has me tired just reading about it. I admire you stamina and your poetic expression. : )