Enjoying the leisurely life with friends on the patio

The patio

Morning over MAGNY dawns a bright new day, on the patio I will laze,
Is there any way as good as this to expend your twilight days?
With friends or loved ones seated around, just drinking, talking, eating,
Just conversationally putting the world to rights not an anarchistic meeting,
Looking over vast fields of wheat and maze or studying the grazing cows.
We retired folk in Normandie relax on our patio for many, many hours,

Quarried stone, hewn in shapes of many irregular sizes arbitrarily laid,
Crazy the paved outline pointed with Breton mixture, a patio is made,
Vast the blocks of polished granite, now a table with two benches, where many meals have been enjoyed,
Or the mandatory plastic table and chairs, not as pleasing to the eye, but just as usefully employed,
To sit and eat or just to sit and ponder when the day's toil is finally fully done,
Facing southwest, a place to catch the wonder and the beauty of the setting sun.

Many are the clouds that drift across the sky reflecting the dying sun,
A dazzling representation in various hues will soon see this day is done.
The sun is setting over distant fields and through the poplar tree,
A red banner slashed across the cloudy sky the picture is one to please,
Absorbing the warmth and beauty of the concluding rays the sun has finally seen the end of day,
With another glass or two of wine, thoughts of loved ones captured in the haze of drink, so very far away,
Although now quite dark the horizon still burns like a fire with many shades of red,
Thinking over life its self, what might have been, all notions fill my head.

AVW/September 2005

Poetry by Albert
Read 704 times
Written on 2005-11-25 at 00:29

Tags Love  Leisure  Beauty 

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This is something i like doing myself,so i can picture the image you are projecting, one which you have achieved i might add, nice one albert :-)