Just a poem telling individuals that nothing's expected

No Return Policy

Dollface, I given you so much
you given me a son in return
Have I've gotten your love & respect
back or do I have more
to earn

Xavier, my little MAN-MAN
my love for you extends
to more than you being my
son someday you may understand

Kiddo, I given you my love
asking for nothing in return
besides with your heart
I feel your love has to be

Bee my love for you comes
from more than just you being my
sister it comes from a high amount
of admiration & respect
I'm just honored it's a love
that you're willing to accept.

Gail my friend or whatever
we actually are your need to
be gawked at I may never understand
but as a friend who's got to
know you I'm still one of your
biggest fans

Vin, What's up
My partner, my friend
what we've been thru
growing up there's really
no place to begin or end

Evelyn, well here we go
Miss Centeno we go way
back I've always valued
our friendship
You've always been one
of my favorite ppl. to
shoot the breeze with

SHARON, my friend DOC
there are not enuff good
words to say about the
amazing person, Mom &
friend you are
and I know I'll get a MUSH MONSTER
if I take it too far.

Thank you all
for even being
bothered with me
I love you all
with a No Return
or anything expected

Poetry by Will
Read 546 times
Written on 2007-06-26 at 18:27

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Every Beat Of My Heart....

With every beat of my heart
I feel yours inside of mine,
Together they beat as one
Keeping perfect time.

With every beat of my heart
I hear yours inside of mine,
Our chance to be together
The beat says it's nearly time.

With every beat of my heart
I know that yours does to,
And every time it pumps
I know I'm feeling you.

With every beat of my heart
I listen close to what it says,
I hear yours calling mine
And it knows it must obey.

With every beat of my heart
I feel mine loving you,
And with every beat of yours
I know you love me too.

With every beat of my heart
It hurts when you say good bye,
And with every beat of my heart
Drops another tear I cry.

With every beat of my heart
I miss you all the more,
The beat grows ever louder
Until it's like a thunderous roar.

For with every beat of my heart
Inside I feel the pain,
Right now mine beats alone
And I'm missing you again.

With every beat of my heart
I need yours here to stay,
For I miss you all the more
Everytime you go away.
The last 4 verses is about...
when I have to share your heart
of that of another.