To the one man in my life I want him to understand me more clearly
and to know my love for him is a true devotion I just want the same from you.

Can't Escape My Feelings Of Love....

I want the whole world to know
That since the first night
You walk into my life...
Nothing has been the same.
As I wait for you to pass by,
Just to get a glimpse of you...
I want you to know
That I'm the only one
That would walk any fire for you...
As I've hungered,
Just to feel the burning of your flames...
And how you make my heart pound like thunder,
As you take my breath away,
With your words,
And your passions, and your love,
I can't escape...
From the love I feel for you,
From a place within me,
Where your love resides,
I feel that I am tide up in chains,
For all this that my heart and soul feels,
Since you have captured me completely,
Cause all I do my love...
Is crave and yearn, for one single touch,
Of your everlasting love,
I will always truly love only you!
I just hope one day you will feel the same for me to.

Poetry by TeeTee
Read 701 times
Written on 2007-06-27 at 04:26

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