I have no explanation, the mixture of ingriedients is far to complicated to digest an actual nutritional facts box...but maybe you'll enjoy the flavor.

Intricates of Oil Cans

it's a pain in the everything is backwards
fuck wads, i mean the far quads
like the quads farthest away from you
the speers and the knees
make the brits climb the trees
blasted, bloody mail truck
that mail truck has a staff erection infection
How about skywalker?
Yes masser
Masser Yoda I come hear to learn
teach me feed me give me some of
Mike Hunt
Crazy fools
You imbelly cools.
So now the time has come
To relinquish, embryonic fluids
And slip and slip down the euclids
To the coronary contractions that
Speed my motorcycle closer and closer
Near, far, near, far, near, far
Hypno Tise
That's just one word
Don't look at me
With your judging drawing a blank eyes
You bastard, as if to say
We don't know who your father is.
As if to say, pursay.
Post, before it gets to lunatic

Poetry by AZ
Read 793 times
Written on 2005-06-27 at 23:34

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maybe it's me i dunno, couldn't make much senese here.