I write this poem inspired by a film I watched tonight. The movie was "Leon The Professional" and is about a hitman with a softer side, who takes in his 12-year-old girl neighbor, who's family was slaughtered by crooked D.E.A cops.

Moonlight On A City Roof

Joints between my legs
Connect the fruit of understanding
Dangling crudely off the rooftop
Of the place I'm born and raised
Twelve year old is softly laughing
With quiet rags she wears for sneakers
In the winter, foggy breath
Beholds the magic, still, amazed
Though her eyes are sharply velvet
Staring, piercing, gazing, sore
In the spring, her eyes transform
Into a green of grasses grazed
So come you moon, of nervous nature
standing loft, so stuck and still
Have the courage, watch the daybreak
Watch the trail it has blazed
As you curiously ponder
All the nights you've greeted teft
Left a transperential scar
Upon your self, and you're disgraced
But the teardrops sail on moonlight
Drift alone into the ocean
Little pawn, and knight and bishop
Where your players all are based
Sit with me, for little longer
While the fog diffuses warmly
Shifting strangely on a rooftop
Of the place my life is faced

Poetry by weirdzarun
Read 452 times
Written on 2007-07-14 at 10:13

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Oh I'll sit with you anywhere anytime as long as you keep writing like this young man.