A walk in the woods of Normandie in October through November

October Wood ~ Winter Wood

To walk a while in October Wood with the leaves all-drifting to the ground,
A deep mantle of discarded reds and gold's muffle each footstep sound,
The never-ending cascade of leaves will soon have the trees stripped bare,
A beauty still in their nakedness a delight just to stand to stare,

The sun throws down a spectrum of colour shimmering through the treetops tall,
All the trees enjoy the meagre warmth but to survive their leaves must fall,
The ferns that once covered most the woods with their vibrant leafy fronds,
Are reduced to all the shades of brown, now decrepit, threadbare, wands,

As we walk on my Meg and me our way we carefully tread,
Lest we trip on a hidden root or branch covered by a leafy bed,
The crisp autumn mornings are wondrous times to explore each and every trail,
Walking deeper into October wood each path tells it's own and different tale,

For now 'tis mid October and the mushroom season is upon us, alas once more,

Looking for edibles such as Chanterelle and Ceps the hoards prod the forest floor,
But soon a snowy blanket will cover all with a coat of purest white,
We shall still walk in our October wood enjoying each and every sight.

The innocuous pair trudging ankle deep through the virgin snow,
I'll follow on behind Meg where she will go then I will also go.
We keep to the wide-open logging trails when the weather is not too good,
Only the name changes at times such as these from October to Winter Wood.

The following is a lighthearted addition, as some of my verses have been thought of as deep bordering on morbid.

I stagger around like a demented fool though I keep a steady pace,
For I cannot be sombre I must keep a smile glowing on my face,
For there is one who think me morbid, moribund and even worse,
So just for you my friend Kathleen I grin nay laugh while I write this final verse.

Poetry by Albert
Read 722 times
Written on 2005-11-28 at 01:28

Tags Happiness  Beauty  Leisure 

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I can almost smell the autumn is this poem---descriptive, lovely!

As always a beautiful piece of work you have produced once again, well done albert :-)