This is a poem about abuse and those of us who find ourselves stuck in a lie

Broken Umbrellas

There's millions of reasons but only one answer
A year full of seasons been feeding this cancer
Her tears have been drowning her feet and it seems
That the water will soon begin drowning her knees

There's a billion excuses but only one reason
Why warm-hearted Angels fall victim to demons
If only the love in her heart could be used
As a shield to protect her from future abuse

There's so many hearts that are caught in this rain
And most have "umbrellas" or reasons they stay
And some blame themselves for the ways they are treated
"If you can't feel you're wanted,at least feel you're needed"

But I dont have reasons for why we accept
Situtations in life that leave bruises on necks
But I will say in closing to all who relate
God's plans for us don't include living this way

Poetry by brian paglia
Read 781 times
Written on 2007-07-27 at 19:58

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la tristesse
loving this b

Brain, I wish I saw this poem the day you wrote it, I am so touched by your poem and you are truly the most talented poet I have ever met. You put yourself in other peoples shoes and describe a feeling as if was you going through the situation. Brian you touched me so much and opened my eyes. I am striving for a better future from today all because of you. Brian abuse is such an fearful feeling like always you outlined a object a emotion and turned it into reality... Brian thank you very much for publishing this poem... GREAT WORK