When we were young and wild did we really appreciate what our mothers did for us, this is the realisation that its too late to tell her what your true feelings were.


Where once a light did shine out bright dimming all around,
She walked upon this earth of ours the best that could be found,
Even her longest shadow would lighten any space,
A wonderful vivacious icon of beauty, love and grace,
My mother my mentor my confidant and my friend,
I love you and I miss you oh my heart it doth so rend,
From the first day I remember you did bounce me on your knee,
Till that dreadful day you did depart I'll always think of thee,
I'll admit we not always did see eye to eye, what teenager ever could,
But I am older and much wiser now and would change things for the good,
I would tell you that I loved you so each and every day,
For you I'd make the sun shine bright when 'twas cold and dull and grey,
If you felt unwell I'd look after you I'd take away all pain,
I'd tend and nurse you day and night till you were well again,
When I was young and wild you did all these things for me,
I wish and pray I could repay your constant love so that the entire world might see,
How much I really loved you though 'twas not always said,
Each night I ask the lord to tell you all these things when I kneel beside my bed.

Poetry by Albert
Read 761 times
Written on 2005-11-30 at 00:07

Tags Love  Reflection  Regret 

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My own mother is very elderly but still with us as they say, a few close shaves lately as they say,but a fighter none the less, and i adore her, her strength,compassion and yes the beauty i still see, she lives many miles from me, but we speak all the time and every time i tell her i love her,your mother would instinctively know the same albert,and looking down and reading this would be very proud indeed :-)