A hopefully humerous spur-of-the-moment poem I completed on my walk with Meg a few days ago.

The Red Squirrel

I saw a lithe young squirrel when out walking with Meg today,
A tiny little red one not the common big fat grey,
He looked and stared straight at us then ran up the nearest tree,
Most agile with his leaps and bounds as nimble as can be,
They're wary of us humans and not fond at all of mutts,
So it's staying up the old oak tree just playing with his nuts.

Poetry by Albert
Read 605 times
Written on 2005-11-30 at 00:13

Tags Enjoyment  Happiness 

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Thanks for putting a smile on my face! I loved the way you took the time to see nature in its purest form and pictured it with words. Isn't love awesome...walking with Meg...what surrounds us just becomes part of us...nature.

This brought a smile to my face albert, we have grey one's in our garden all the time, and believe it or not for a few months last year a white one though i think they are fairly rare, and not seen since, excellent verse though :-)