i am on a journey

i am depraved

i am on a journey to find some truth in life,
but religion has barred it's doors,
"you're depraved and run away from your problems,
you're young and dumb."
ironic, really, cold sarcasm laughs in my face again.

i am on a path to an unknown destination,
yet the path is more important, somehow i know,
when i travel alone
"yeah, it'd be great, if we weren't friends for now,
i know you're depressive, it's just too much."
for whom? yet i can't hate you.

on the gnarled tree i sit under,
i reach no enlightenment or purpose,
politics are corrupt, and equality is far-fetched
nationalism is to state as church is to god,
ignorance is bliss and i am quite disappointed
with realism and fantasy, neither seem too great.

i'm on a search for truth, for egotism or selflessnes
i cannot decipher which is worse, myself.
one is due to unhappiness,
one goes on the path to loneliness
"hey, i know you, i think." "yeah, i missed you." "really?"
really? i am depraved after all.

Poetry by Zachary P. B.
Read 815 times
Written on 2007-09-02 at 07:07

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Depraved is too strong a word, Z. You're not it.
Take it from a person who sees depravity in every stage, day in, day out.
being able to ask a Question that makes sense, knowing very well that the answer will either be unsatisfactory or simply, non-existant, is very useful. Frustration is a powerful tool, but it is a two-edged sword.
Don't think I'm giving you very useful advice or help here - just trying to tell you its okay.