i am cold and calculated, and broken

i am a machine

i am a machine. cold, logical, detached.
horribly irrational to most men,
and i most likely will not compute
because i am broken.

i contradict.

i am man's man, his silver man.
doing his bidding, for his own good.
i think and ponder,
i do little else.

i am cold, quiet, alone all day.
praised as brilliant, i am the future,
man's greatest achievement, my metal is smooth.
they fear and destroy what they do not know
i am a frightening future for man.
am i an error then?

i do not fit. i am the puzzle piece
that does not fit. i am broken,
i am wrong, i am a war machine
not a thing of beauty or strength or love.
even though i am of men, i am not one.
i cannot feel my calculated demise by my makers, my men,
i am unaware that they made me to be destroyed.
i am a cold and ugly machine.

Poetry by Zachary P. B.
Read 793 times
Written on 2007-09-07 at 07:30

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sabereh lotfian
I am a machine? Mmm... well this world's been well machimed enough so how can we expect ourselves not to become mechines!;) You know I think something is always going wrong as the seconds pass & the hours rush toward us so fast, the more more we go through the new technology & new inventions the more we get charmed with them, I feel they have an strange power over us! they seem to be serving us, but these stupid machines have hired us and yet we're not aware of it!That's mostly why the hearts fall apart & humans are becoming strange broken machines!So much wisdom I see through these words Zachary. :)This is so unique.Well, I can't leave here without bookmarking this one. :D
I'll be looking forward to reading more of these unique pieces that is yours. :)


Kathy Lockhart
i am left in the in between world of metaphors and function. I am left chilled and saddened and lost in your poetry of pain. This is outstanding poetry MSZ. Your emotional state of mind has mixed with your genius and created a unforgettable piece of fine poetry. Well done. xx