Written on a cliff by the ocean in Varberg, on the swedish west coast, august 3, 1999.

I Am Watching

I am watching from a small road by the sea
a lonely young woman on a rock
She's playing her guitar
a sad song of lost love

I do not know the words
but by the way she plays
I know

How she feels
What she's been through
How much it hurts
What she's going to do

The tune is changing
from slow to fast
And she ends this one-woman-show
by crushing the guitar
Shatter it among the rocks

And with that she takes it out
a letter she has written
Reading it, as if to say goodbye,
and puts it down under a stone

And goodbye it is
as she takes that final leap
from rock to sea
Never to be seen again
Never to be found

And as I turn around to leave
a teardrop fall down my cheek
by God,
I know how she felt

And in my heart I want to follow.

Poetry by Fredrik Adolvsson
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Written on 2007-09-07 at 10:11

Tags Love  Longing  Despair 

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wow this is so sad,so deep
i got chills reading it
loved it