Sleepless nights when you have lost your one and only love

Sleep eludes me

Sleep eludes me, as I lie alone in my bed,
The night brings only sorrow as endlessly I writhe,
Thinking of you with a mounting dread,
Never again to see your beauty, to hear those sighs,

Sighs of passion when we oft made love,
Holding each other with a burning desire,
You were my all; my snow-white dove,
Till love went cold and there was no fire,

Fire burns within me when I speak your name,
Though it creates an aching in my very heart,
Sleep eludes me; my life is not the same,
Since you left my whole world fell apart.

Poetry by Albert
Read 620 times
Written on 2005-12-08 at 06:50

Tags Love  Unhappiness  Reflection 

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I can feel for you on this one Albert , every one needs sleep and the lack of it can lead to all sorts of problems, i was lucky to have a good doc. :-)