1st Jay Cutler-well something to be said for gifts
2nd Victor Martinez-should have been 1st
3rd Dexter Jackson- should have been 2nd
4th Ronnie Coleman- could have been 5th
5th Dennis Wolf- amazing could have been 1st through 4th and still been good j

2007 Mr. Olympia

Well this year's was a
clear cut winner they
didn't pick
All of bodybuilding sighed
and booed knowing
it was BullS***

Out of respect for the rest
of the competitors almost
everyone was at their best
Except for the one who they claimed
was the best how's that for
a fairly judged contest

Jay was noticable off
yet they still gave him
first place
you might has well spitted
in the other contestants face

Dexter was so sharp
Victor was at his best
Dennis for only his second
Olympia got much respect

Ronnie was off but they gave
him 4th out of respect
but I had him no less than 5th
because I've always said Ronnie
at 80% is better than most
bodybuilder's at their best

Jay got the Sandow again
Stevie Wonder, Helen Keller
and Ray Charles said so
the judges must have been
hit with the same handicap
to have thought so

Jay was clearly not the best
on stage during prejudging or
the finals the night after
when he was announced
first there was no clapping (or minimum)
only boos and in my house
sarcastic laughter.

My wife had told me they f*** up
and judge Jay Cutler as the winner
I felt so sure they would get it
right I made a wager and now
I owe my wife a Steak Dinner.

Maybe they'll get it right next year..

Much respect goes out to Victor who was the rightful winner..

Poetry by Will
Read 513 times
Written on 2007-10-08 at 21:23

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