That first real love whether it be the beautiful young girl or the handsome young boy of sixteen


You soared like an eagle,
Taking me to the moon,
But all of our memories,
Are diminishing far too soon,
You were lithe and so agile,
On a stage of your own
Alas all your youthfulness,
And your prowesses have now gone.

With wings on your heart,
You made love like the wind,
Your sweet words of endearment,
Were always oh so kind,
Though now you're the age,
When the past is but a dream,
To me you will always be,
An eternal sixteen

Poetry by Albert
Read 1413 times
Written on 2005-12-12 at 00:35

Tags Love  Reflection  Youthfulness 

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Seems like a century ago with only vague recollections of being that age a nice write Albert :-)