My best friend's daughter

This is for You (Doing the right thing again)

My wife says it's best
if I don't it could lead
to conflict and unhappiness
so I thought so I won't

A good friend (Doc) says
it's best if I do
because in the end
it's not about her (Michele)
and not about you

This is about someone
who's very special in my
friend's life
For me to show support for
her happiness is only right

She was there for me
when Xavier was born
her happiness mean so
much to me so that's
why I'm torn

Tessa is here and
I'm suppose to be
for me to not do
so just wouldn't be

So as uncomfortable
of a situation it
might be I'll do it
because I must
Keeping this in mind
Tessa, This is for you
it's not about us..

Poetry by Will
Read 610 times
Written on 2007-10-29 at 16:45

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Life is tough sometimes and descitions can be hard to make but in the end,following the heart will lead you on the right way in the end. You do what you gotta do,right?
Wonderful writing here as usual,Will, and I especially liked the last part,made a great ending to the text.

well as you know I think you should at least go see her once so that you won't feel so incomplete about not seeing her at all.I know the situation and how hard it is going to be but have faith for I will be there with you to help support you and help you get through it without any conflict. Know that this is not for you or Michele its for Tessa at least that way you can deal with doing the right thing from there. meaning you your friend Michele and her baby and the babys father. so that they can be a happy family and you can avoid any conflicts and be happy for her and the little one. it will be hard if anything just don't talk just view and keep convo short & brief & to the point respectfuly and bounce out from there then you can at least put a closer to knowing you had a pleasure of seeing/meeting her once. you poem was sad yet warming to the heart as always! great write loving you much!
p.s. I am here to help you get through this ok? relax it a be awe-right smiling :D

Kathy Lockhart
you have a heart that is kind and good Will. It is often so hard to know which path to take. Listen to that voice that comes from deep within that often will not let you alone when in such situations as this one. It's that voice that sends tingles up your spin.
Take Care my Friend. : ) kathy