This text, partly inspired by the stories of Percival, was originally written in swedish a couple a years ago. Please feel free to comment the text. And if you find any flaws in my english, don't hesitate to mention them.

The Knight


the devil trodden down
behind me

no problems

the leap over
deep ravine

was never difficult

to stand on the globe of glass
on the edge of an abyss

can be done several times

And when I look down to the abyss
I just smile scornfully

The people who was in distress show gratitude to me

This was my first step as a Knight!



Sitting alone
in peaceful assurance
I saw the dusk set in 
beyond misty mountains

Holding my sword in front of me
I said a prayer

Time ceased to exist, it seemed

I can not rememember the question 
but I recalled answering yes

An emerald 
descended slowly from the sky
into my receiving hands

At the same moment my hands embraced it 
I was gripped by an unknown uncertainty

(... and You left from my side)

In the green essence of the emerald
there was a face, half turned away -
lowered, pale and engraved with tiredness

The words failed me when I tried to say something

I felt Your pain and sorrow
but I couldn't take it into my heart

My courage left me
and I bertrayed You

The shame paralysed me into a deep darkness



Dusk turned into pitch-dark night
that would be endured in solitude -
the longest night I ever experienced

I was taken to a gate at a precipice aloof 
which opened for a dreadful walk in the darkness
among the unmentional phantoms of Death

Beyond infinte shadows and shapeless chaos
there was a song heard in the distance:

In sacrifice to veils of sapphire in haze
a new dawn and healing will be discerned

The lost Grail will be found again
an turned into a crown for the King

And the land shall thrive once more



The conviction to find the Grail or die
leads me to the edge of daybreak

A woman by a lake is carrying a hidden answer -
through veils of sapphire in haze my armour gently falls off

With the nakedness and the unfeigned eyes of a child
the Gift is ultimately received in the right way

And I take my first staggering steps
towards Opus Magnum...

Poetry by Telesforos
Read 913 times
Written on 2007-10-30 at 00:06

Tags Trial  Darkness  Pain 

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