The altitude of the sun folds a stroke

Zenith isn't more than
just a vague memory

but I still remember
that shorter shadows 
once where here too -

senex is whispering 

And the mantles
can unfold over an X and over an Y
to set free other answers
in careful holographic tones of coulors -

an appeasment written down in unbroken sentences
of which puer aeternus will never comprehend



Poetry by Telesforos
Read 1200 times
Written on 2011-04-10 at 00:15

Tags Age  Stillness  Meaning 

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chuma okafor
How well with few words you are able to combine the answers of the past and the questions of the future into the present...


Yes, I think you've grasped the kernel in my poem. There are some subtleties that I've tried to put into word concerning the uncritical appreciation of youth in our culture (at least here in Sweden); everyone wants to a teenager - small kids and elderly people as well. It seems to me that one is missing some subtle, but important, hints from the uncounscious psyche when one is ignoring the shadows in life and just aiming for an eternal dream of the teenagers ideal.

I'm quite sure I'm missing the subtleties of your poem, but I do like the images of age and youth, and sense that the wisdom of age is simply available to those who haven't yet put in the years.

I hope I'm somewhere near the center of this interesting poem.