Raison d'être

They say there is a bird
of which song
makes all other birds silent

I know of a bird
which made all other sing

The motives of your tones are hidden
but must be written by a hand
which could draw patterns in stones

Your wings are now put in a shoe box
and everyone seems to know what to do with them

The only thing I know for sure is
that echoes sound much
but lack a core

and that paths of flying can be followed
even without wings


Poetry by Telesforos
Read 1118 times
Written on 2011-03-05 at 14:09

Tags Wings  Way  Bird 

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chuma okafor

This asks to be reread several times. With each reading a key unfolds and is explained by the next reading.
Great! Bravo and thanks.

John Ashleigh
Brilliant. So elegant in flight, doth the wings of nature.... just as elegant as the literature you share. Thankyou. 5/5.


yes i agree with countryfog

for some, silence urge them to speak
for others, noise makes them to speak up

Fascinating . . . each time I read it another layer of meaning subtly unfolds. The first two stanzas are so simple yet perfectly describe two kinds of people, two ways of looking at what we want to be.