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TAG NAME Meaning

The altitude of the sun folds a stroke (3) pic Telesforos 2011-04-10
White rose. (10) John Ashleigh 2011-03-14
A stepless wandering (in silence) (2) Telesforos 2011-01-10
It is possible because it happened (4) night soul woman 2010-12-31
Bases (1) pic Telesforos 2010-08-30
Strange near Telesforos 2009-12-08
Imperfektum Telesforos 2009-10-21
Variation in black (3) Telesforos 2009-02-23
Stargazing as ever (5) J. E. 2008-11-11
[miss]pic Telesforos 2008-04-17
Equation (3) Autie 2007-04-12
About Life! (2) QuiZZer 2006-06-20