His life

Fame, pride and fame
That was all he wanted...
Fame -
He got pride.

Goodness, pure goodness
That was all he asked for...
Goodness -
He got evil.

Friendship, kindly friendship
That was all he wished for...
Friendship -
He got sour friends.

He rose,
His heart wept,
His soul cried,
He looked back, and Alas!
He had messed

Poetry by Colin
Read 842 times
Written on 2005-12-14 at 12:42

Tags Regrets  Regret  Wishful 

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...its amazing how life always tends to take a turn, totally in the opposite direction. nothing ever turns out the way it should, or the way we expect it to...a mystery that needs unfolding i suppose...

...a well written piece...

I'm not sure how to comment on religion really as its to easy to be misinterpreted,people tend to view things differently,but its well written all the same :-)