I wrote this after I was somewhat heated up after a terrible conversation with a friend-stemmed from a difference in perspective...

After a rather livid(and somewhat morbid)conversation

"I shall not write again..."
"But you are very good!"
I am not glib and contemptuous,
and am rarely understood.

"Vanity,"I thought to myself
"Sympathy,"I felt for her
her intense pride as she called it
had led me to feel a stir

deep,in the corner of my heart...
where simple things stop..and start
I knew her pride would let her down
and even though I bore a frown

I wished her luck
and went away
I hope she realises
what I said one day

Reeti Roy

Poetry by Reeti Roy
Read 1013 times
Written on 2007-11-18 at 23:18

Tags Personal  Poetry  Anger 

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