A special thank you to Soumik Datta who edited this poem and helped me come up with the last two lines:)

Dream On...

Dream on, you silly child:
It shall not last.
What stories have you been told?
Of far, far away -
Dragons, unicorns, magic wands.
What will happen when you know
They don't exist?

Simple lies you're told,
Did they teach you not to cry?
Why, you cried aloud
when your peacock died -
'twas worth it, you say?

Stories you're fed on.
That gift you a silent pause to breathe.
And haunt you to the ends of time.

Reeti Roy

Poetry by Reeti Roy
Read 775 times
Written on 2007-11-23 at 19:27

Tags Dreams  Disillusionment  Anguish 

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