A poem about Chocolate.ENJOY!!!!


Slowly,slithering sliently
simmering in hot coffee cups
the aroma of cocoa beans
makes me want to look up

and yet,here I am
buried under sheafs and sheafs
of paper,untouched,unturned

the morning's news befuddles me
Too many deaths
I sigh and put the paper down
There is too little space in today's paper
for reporting the death of an innocent man.

It is more important however
to write about fashionistas
people who will rake in the money
and catapult the paper sales.

The chocolate lies there,untouched,uneaten
Urging me to pick it up
and taking a nibble off it.
"Simple sweetness,"I think to myself
I am quite hard on myself

"I needn't be,"I tell myself
After all,what is the point
of this self-denial
and then I look at the chocolate
brand-new and with a velvety cover.

I look outside my window and see
a little child
with fairy's eyes
and tattered clothes
looking longingly at the chocolate.

Almost reluctantly,I put my hand forward
and give the child my precious chocolate
My own greed shall have to wait
For another day.
Besides,my purpose has been served.

Reeti Roy

Poetry by Reeti Roy
Read 725 times
Written on 2008-03-26 at 22:52

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