Pome ABOUT eggs...

Sunny Side Up

Sunny Side Up

Dedicated to Adrian Mole

I like my eggs
Sunny side up
The squishy yellow yolk
Of what could have been a chicken.
Is what makes me want to wake up
In the morning and smell the coffee

My dad likes them scrambled, my mum likes them boiled
My sister (poor darling) wraps them up in foils
And puts them between sandwiches
To eat for lunch in school
Most days, she forgets to carry ketchup
And some days she devours raw eggs
For she has been told
That they are good for health

What do you take me for, eh?
I am no poet and I understand no rhyme
I write straight from the heart
I get bullied day in and day out
To write about things that
I don't understand.

I refuse to do so.
I refuse to think about narrative and form
About construction and deconstruction
All I care about
Is that
I like my eggs sunny side up
And I want the world to know.

Reeti Roy

Poetry by Reeti Roy
Read 816 times
Written on 2008-03-30 at 21:22

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