I'm angry but mostly sad over how some "parents" are functioning......




It takes two to tango

So then how can it be

that I,  in the end, all by myself

had to do the

grand finale?


How can someone participate

in that magnificent creation

And then abandon the stage

without a ounce of hesitation?


Never will I understand

how someone can be part of

bringin children to the world

Then just leave without giving a damn

And still think he owns the right

of calling himself a man




2007 © Jeanette Louridas

Poetry by Hagzissa
Read 1262 times
Written on 2007-11-20 at 09:03

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This text is perfect in its message for some men, but more to the point how can they call themselves Dad? Most men can honestly say that they are men, but very few of the ones that leave big enough to live up their responsibilities and continue be the dad that they need to be. Therefore, they should never call themselves Dad or be referred to by that name again. Mind you that some continue paying their child support and make great Dads. The same goes for some Moms. I know two that are my ex-daughter-in-laws that should never have been allowed to have kids, and my son pays his child support faithfully, but won't try to get the kids from the moms, because he thinks the kids need moms even when they are sorry ones.
Maybe he's right--I have my doubts, but he is the Dad and has to make that decision for himself.

Great work.

David L Wright
Very provocative write as well as a timely topic. With people becoming more self-centered rather than compassionate human relations, such as parent and child become more strained. It's a sad state of affairs. Sorry for the rant but your poem touched a sensitive spot. Happy trails.

Kathy Lockhart
wow! powerful! I don't get understand the selfishness of one who can do such a thing. Well written Jeanette.

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
A very powerful text in so few words and jeanette you hit the nail on the head
well done rgdsa Mike

Elle The PoetBay support member heart!
Sadly it is a reality for a lot of people - its a hard job to bring a child up on your own, harder when you have no support - as you say, it does take two to tango - sadly not all see it that way. I had this discussion recently with a friend. Strong words

Elle x

I will never understand..
father or.. mothers.. they do exist..

well written!

Well this is one I've could have written myself. Let's just say my son will never have to write a piece like this.
I've always said I have to earn the right to be his daddy anyone can be a father.

Oh and let's not forget the should have left mothers but that's a different subject

SERIOUS WRITE, I can live with myself as long as you're never writing this about me..


Rob Graber

ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
Jeanette , a good poem with so much truth with in it. Say 99.999 , of men can seade a baby later a child . but how many , men prove to be man ennuf , to be a perant , earn the right to be callde dad , da ,pop ? Far few , just look up the stats of abstant fathers. when my sister husband , father of her 2 boys legd it. I stept in as a step in perant to suport my sister. Check out 2 of my poems on my experances. My nefue Nigel , is proveing to be a good dad , perant. Tho the partership went west. His ex , has a new man in her life andare now marred , Nigel , works an 8 day week , to pay for the upkeep of the dluter he helpt 2 creaite , also paysevrey week 4 a boy he did not help create. Tho both were told to call thear mums husband ''dad'' with Nigels agreenent , both insit on calling Nigel '' dad''. I am so proude of my Nigel , as you can tell. All the best , Jeanette Ken :)