Which do you prefer?

Spectrum Fracture

I know the plane overhead
Travels home to the dead
But the wedding bells have kicked the
Servants out
How the telephone can sing
In waves of violet and green
But the meaning puts the stewardess
In doubt
You know the altitude may grow
They conquer hurricanes that blow
Out the window is the blue that you
Knew well
While the clouds devour glory
For to land's a different story
And the moral of that story
Is that mother earth is hell

Exposition is on hold
The elements are flesh and gold
Along with fire, water, dirt,
All booming sound
When you're sleeping on the grass
Consciousness can break like glass
One is fast to gaze amazed at
Stars around
In the purple gloom of night
The moons a-drift upon a kite of
Borrowed light that too well takes
The stars away
When the day comes forth benign
The fields awake if just to shine
Inside the mind, we must decide
The purple night, or greenish day?

Poetry by weirdzarun
Read 481 times
Written on 2007-12-02 at 06:27

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I'd take the purple night over greenish day anytime.
Like the title on this one.

"And the moral of that story
Is that mother earth is hell"

Love this part, it's powerful and yet kinda soft.
Because "mother earth" sounds so loving and caring, and then comes "hell" as a bombshell.

Great work.