true love of a sat nav

sat nav

a small black box inside your car
taking you places you want to go
takes you home for the wife to moan
takes you to work for the boss to groan
takes you left
takes you right
takes you through traffic without a fight
but on a cold winters night
will take you to heaven tonight
the little voice says you have arrived
once again a very safe drive
this little gadget has to be
the best little thing for all to see
pops in the pocket
its not a rocket
its a little friend to the very end
but this one day i have to say
my little friend went round the bend
it took me left
it took me right
it took me straight
it took me round
it took me to new places that it had found
but did it take me where i wanna to go
no it took me straight into the unknown
it was lost in rain and fog
it nearly made me run over a sweet little dog
it was confused
it was bemused
and the it stopped and then refused
i was lost without a clue
the little box told me not to move
in a field i had parked
the road was not built and it was dark
i shouted and screeamed at the box
it simply said this place is not
i turned it off
and turned aground
then the car was homeward bound
the little box i have found
to be smashed up on the ground

Poetry by xenopod
Read 716 times
Written on 2007-12-06 at 15:31

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