taking life for granted

a free world

looking around what do i see
people rushing and pushing
people driving and striving
people not looking at me looking
its a small world when no one sees
what they have when they are free
everyday i look at them
everyday i count to ten
why can't they be just like me
why can't they just look and see

the birds are singing
the plants are growing
the tree are swaying
in this world is where i be
in this world i am free

children playing in the park
cattle roaming in the fields
grass is growing and people mowing
why can't they stop and look and see
how glad they should be to totally free

somewhere else its not the same
life on earth is not the same
freedom's a gift we all ignore
will this go on for evermore
just stop and see and be like me
listen to the world and what it says
listen to yourself and free you will stay

Poetry by xenopod
Read 1049 times
Written on 2007-12-10 at 00:31

Tags Free  World  Small 

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