words in my heart

from me to you
a love so true
my heart i give to only you
my hand held out
there is no doubt
my love for you i want to shout

a heart of gold
you broke the mould
a woman so fine
shes so divine
how i wish
that woman was mine

one day i will tell you
these words so true
a few little words from me to you
three ittle words that i love you
until then your in my heart
always have right from the start

i wish you knew i want to tell you
i wish i could hold you
but theres nothing i can do
i wish i could walk and be with you
i wish i could talk and whisper to you
i wish i could do so many thing for you
i wish you knew how i love you

Poetry by xenopod
Read 858 times
Written on 2008-01-15 at 20:44

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