thinking of a woman

a woman on my mind

like a teddy bear
she sits there
a cuddle to me
would set me free
a loving hold
to keep out the cold
how i wish its you i could hold
to walk alone a lonely beach
to have you within my reach
to pick a flower to give to you
a little gift from me to you
to watch you eat
would be a treat
to hold you sleeping
to stop you weeping
to whisper you name
when you wake up
to walk with you in the park
to protect you when its dark
to kiss you gently when you awake
to look after you
and all the things that you do
just to wake up and be with you
a million things that we could do
but all of them with only you

Poetry by xenopod
Read 995 times
Written on 2008-01-06 at 20:05

Tags Woman  Love  Mind 

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