i love her


what is this love i have for her
holding her close is heaven to me
in my dreams its her that i see
i goto work and think of her
i come home to be with her
i life is complete
she is my lifes treat
i love her from her head to her feet
we talk all night and laugh aloud
we sit cuddled up shes like a shroud
we look at each other
my heart it flutters
she cares for me like no other
my days with her are truely blessed
in my life she is the best
what can i say to i one i love
to show her she was sent from above
three little words from me to you
i love you and this is true
flowers and things can say theses things
but little things what make her sing
happeness is what she gives
happeness is what i give
love is free from me to you
no cost involved and thats the truth

Poetry by xenopod
Read 780 times
Written on 2007-12-07 at 01:32

Tags Love 

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another amazing peice, well done.