a brief Back workout


Well, if you've been
reading me a while
you might know
I either start a Back workout
with Deadlifts or Bent over

Yesterday I warmed up
with Delt rows which are
shoulders and mid back
when all warmed up
it was time to attack

Bent over rows six sets
Deadlift 4 sets
hang in there that's the
beginning we haven't
even started yet

Double armed dumbell bent (3)
over rows next One armed (4)
Onto Seated Rows (4)
Here We Go you
know who this is for.

That's what I call a "Back" down
workout after it I'm exhausted I can't
but after stretching and a
little Protein in me, to me
it's just another Spring day
complete with fresh air, Flowers
& Butterflies LOL

*See ya next workout*

Poetry by Will
Read 898 times
Written on 2007-12-11 at 19:03

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