Snapshots of an idyllic winter's day where the freezing weather only adds to the beauty and enjoyment, captured whilst out walking yesterday, retold in verse.

The Perfect Winter's Day

Frozen ponds and lakes,
Fields an icy patchwork quilt,
An artist canvass it makes,
North winds the trees doth tilt.

Hedgerows whitened hoar,
Paths and fields the same,
Faces cold and sore,
Still we're glad we came.

Skaters glide across the ice,
A Dickensian scene replayed,
Mulled wine rich in spice,
The coldness to evade

A wan and weakened sun,
Meekly hangs in a sky of blue
Though cold the day for some,
I am warm being close to you.

Poetry by Albert
Read 1076 times
Written on 2005-12-19 at 12:15

Tags Winter  Perfection  Love 

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I love this. This is more like a painting than a can 'feel' the scene.. Great stuff..

Sounds like something straight off a christmas card Albert, well done my friend :-))