Based on a situation last night as my friend questioned why i
let my wife talk to me and scream on my like that.
LOL no harm no foul LOL..

Just who I am, hopefully you never know me

I've heard gangsta tales and
seen gangsta frankly it's
quickly bores me
I'm no gangsta hopefully
you never know me, cause
I'm a different story

I'm no gangsta I don't
brag about gangsta s***
I'm just me in a word
and that's it.

I'm not going to boast about
who I killed or who I beat down
because to me that's not worth
bragging about leave that to
them other clowns

I'm a ni*** who knows dirt
and knows how to get dirty
when I need too
if forced I'll do what I
have to do

You can call me a survivalist
who is good at survival
I'm not the type to come in
loud boasting about my arrival

I'm not even going to talk tough
so you're afraid of me
I'm just going to say test
the waters and in time you'll see

My friends don't know that side
and I don't really try to hide
I just have no reason to take
it there and in a sense I don't
really care

My wife doesn't even know that
side of me though she tries
hard to bring it out
She'll do her best
scream, curse and shout

but there's no reason for
me to get loud there's no
real threat level there
so I kind of maintain my
cool by keeping my mouth
shut and just looking into
the air

Cause when it comes to
a word fight I surrender
OK you won
but if you want to take
it to the next level
then you're more then welcomed

Of course that goes for others
that's not really for my wife
cause I've learnt long ago
words can't fight

If you run your mouth
you're not really looking
for any real conflict
thanks to my wife what's
usually said I'm basically not
hearing it

So you may mistake who I am
by my demeanor, my heart
and my poetry
but that's just because I
enjoy life and love thanks
to Michele and my son
that's just who I am and
on the other side hopefully
you never know me

Poetry by Will
Read 797 times
Written on 2007-12-19 at 20:31

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Kathy Lockhart
good points, amusing and informative all at the same time. And, dear Will there's a side of myself that often emerges when I least expect it. LOL

Julia Felicia
I like it.